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Rectangular Wood Tables

rectangular wood tables

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The completed table - waiting to be clear coated

Because the table was to be used outdoors, I precut all my pieces, then sanded ALL my pieces, then predrilled (with a countersink) ALL my pieces, then stained ALL my pieces with 2 coats of sealer/stain. THEN I put everything together. I had some spacing issues (1/4" didn't really work - it's more like 3/16" spacing), but once those were worked out, assembly was fast. I decided to do my clear coat post-assembly to make sure I didn't have exposure around drill holes.

Note: you DEFINITELY want to stain/seal ALL 6 sides of each piece of lumber (like dice, all rectangular cubes have six sides). If you have raw edges (I might go back later and use some wood filler on the ends), make sure you really get that stain in there.

What you don't want is in a month or two to see a piece of wood swell up or get mold or, worse, crack. take the time now and it'll last a whole lot longer!

Just Like Home, but Square

Just Like Home, but Square

I grew up with a table just like this one, only ours was rectangular. I believe they're from Scan Design. I still have that table sitting in our garage, just waiting to be refinished.

rectangular wood tables

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